As the first G-7 country to legalize recreational cannabis, Canada is the right place to host the second annual World Cannabis Congress – an event that invites and inspires the world’s thought leaders to exchange views on business, innovation and policy development in the rapidly evolving cannabis industry.

The Word Cannabis Congress is a catalyst for conversations and connections that set the tone, pace and direction for how cannabis is integrated into everything from business and politics to health and wellness.




Never before have there been opportunities to launch new product offerings and explore new business models in the cannabis space. The legalization of both recreational and medical cannabis in countries worldwide, investments in research, and demand for safer ways to consume cannabis are contributing to a global market that is expected to reach over $146B USD by 2025. The untapped potential in the marketplace makes this an exciting time to examine the industry’s bright future.


The growth of the industry has paved the way for innovation, ideation and technology. It’s fueling creativity and opportunities in tinctures, oils, vapes, beauty, wellness and edibles. Understanding more about DNA and genetic risk factors within the cannabis context, for both medical and recreational use, advances high-level research and facilitates a global approach to setting standards. Shared learning informs us all.


The legalization of recreational cannabis use has been described as a paradigm-changing social experiment. Canada is leading the way for the world in terms of policy development and the implementation of a new regulatory environment. From marketing and advertising to workplace safety, social justice and human rights, the impact of cannabis decriminalization are widespread. We’ll bring some of these issues to the forefront.


Policy & Regulations

  • Looking back at Canada’s first year, and first phase, of legalization
  • Looking ahead to the challenges and opportunities of legalized edibles
  • Exploring the influence and impact of Canadian legalization on the U.S., EU and Latin America
  • Examining social justice issues and human rights
  • Regulatory changes

Cannabis Research & Science

  • Analyzing and understanding dosages and their impacts
  • Examining future treatments and courses of action
  • Federal / provincial funding and opportunities within Canadian research
  • Pushing the frontier of medical research, intellectual property and genetic advancements

Medical Innovations

  • New medicines and cannabinoid-derived pharmaceuticals
  • Emerging opportunities for pharmacies
  • The future of prescription cannabis

Cannabis & Money

  • New market opportunities cannabis is disrupting
  • Smart investments in the space
  • Accessing capital outside of Canada

Emerging Trends

  • The rise of luxury brands in the cannabis market
  • The growing momentum for cannabis-infused food, beverages and tourism
  • Experiential, cannabis-focused events
  • Women leading the cannabis-curious culture

Growing & Cultivation

  • Seed-to-sale tracking and inventory solutions
  • Cultivation techniques and best practices
  • Developing new technology to create a premium growing environment in diverse climates and ecosystems

Marketing, Advertising & Branding

  • Building compliant brands in a highly regulated industry
  • Working within restrictions on packaging, labeling and promotion
  • Innovative marketing strategies to raise awareness and brand recognition


  • New technology and advancements improving the customer experience

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • The development and launch of the Responsible Cannabis Framework from the Global Cannabis Partnership
  • Investing in a strong corporate social responsibility program
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