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At the World Cannabis Congress, you'll enjoy world-class hospitality in a gorgeous Maritime setting. For two days and nights, you'll network, collaborate and forge partnerships that will be vital to the advancement & destigmatization of cannabis in modern culture, worldwide.

You'll be treated to evening events held throughout the vibrant heart of Uptown Saint John – unique locations, with famed culinary delights and exclusive entertainment.

Before you arrive, take a look at some of the attractions Atlantic Canada has to offer.

Discover Atlantic Canada

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Chateau Saint John
Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Chipman Hill Suites

How to get here

Think steep streets like San Francisco and architecture to match, but on the other coast. And remember: it’s the Saint John in coastal New Brunswick, not St. John’s with an apostrophe. That one’s in Newfoundland (two provinces away).

Make the most of your stay

We’ve curated a short list of “must-enjoy spots” in Uptown Saint John from a longer, also amazing, list of suggested venues. These places look great, taste great, think differently or do all three at once.

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More Information

If you have questions or require information about your journey and stay in Saint John, please call 1-844-998-0586.

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